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UPDATED November 2, 2016 – Are you a healthcare provider for a Health Net Insurance patient? For your patient’s sake, make the most out of your patient’s health insurance plan – and healthcare – with a Healthnet com Login. Visit to learn more about this opportunity for becoming a budget conscious provider for the patients you provide care for. We are in no way affiliated with, continue reading for login access.

Why You Need A Healthnet Provider Login

As a health care provider, use HealthNet to submit all medical records for Hedis. The new Medical Records Uploads Tool helps with this responsibility. For common questions you need a quick answer to, your HealthNet Provider Portal has a button at the top labeled “How Can We Help You Today?” Clicking the button takes you to a page with helpful links for website tools that you frequently use.

There is also a navigation bar at the bottom of every page, with more links to pages you frequently visit – like Provider Search, and the Provider Library. (Provider Search is also at the top right of every page in your portal.) The “Next Steps” feature is a box on the right of every page that guesses what information you’re trying to find, and provides links to those guesses: for example, if you are on the “Patient Info” page, the Next Steps might read “Fee Schedule Request,” “Request A Second Opinion Tool,” “Maximum Allowable Amount Estimate Tool,” “Injectable Fee Calculator Tool,” and “Ancillary Provider Listing.”

The Patient Eligibility Search feature allows providers to look up members’ eligibility, history, and benefits are all available by clicking the Patient Information button. When searching for a patient’s eligibility, there are many different options to search by: subscriber ID, social security number, first or last name, date of birth, and client index number or CIN. When looking at a specific patient’s “Eligibility & Benefits” page, you will see their plan, benefit, and copay information. Scroll through the patient’s drop-down lists to find information on their dependents, or to see all of the patient’s eligibility dates. Look through a patient’s history, including their medical insurance claims, authorizations, referrals, and PM 160 INF forms. Select a status filter – gray (inactive,) red (incomplete,) yellow (processing,) or green (complete) to view transactions in the respective associated status. Select any specific transaction to view details. To see claims, authorizations, and referrals, click on “transactions.” Click on “Submit Claims” to information on both EDI and paper claims. Or, click the link to register for submitting claims online.

How to Register for an Account on www HealthNet com

Begin registration by visiting the homepage,, clicking “Register” at the top right, and selecting “I’m A Provider” in the drop down menu. Select the box to agree to the Terms of Use, and choose your region: Arizona, California, Oregon, or Washington, and click “continue.” Either provide your zip code, or select the option to let Health Net detect your location. Click on the type of provider you are to begin the registration process.

Healthnet Insurance: History and Recent Updates

HealthNet Federal Services (HNFS) partnered with the United States Department of Defense 25 years ago. Through the TRICARE program, HNFS provides health care and services to our country’s service men and women. BenchmarkPortal placed Health Net Federal Services in First Place on its Top 100 Call Center Contest, and awarded Health Net its Center of Excellent title.

Are You In Need of Technical Support?

Dial 1-866-458-1047, Mondays through Fridays, between 7:30 am and 5:00 pm. Visit www healthnet com to sign up for your HealthNet provider login today!

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