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Introduction to United Health Care

UPDATED November 2, 2016 – United Health Care offers outstanding health insurance options in conventional office settings and online services. Use your United Health Care Login to gain access to your health insurance information on record at www.myunitedhealthcareonline.com. You can also access your information at myuhc.com. We are in no way affiliated with MyUHC.com, continue reading for login access.

Features and Benefits

United Health Care and Myuhc com are the best venues for quality health insurance at an affordable price. When you are looking for affordable insurance and quality insurance coverage, look no farther than United Health Care, United Health Insurance and www.unitedhealthcareonline.com for expert insurance help and cutting edge insurance products.

Medical insurance, like everything else in modern life, has gotten more complex in recent times. New diseases, new cures, and enhanced confidentiality are just a few of the issues the health insurance world is confronting. Its ability to adapt is an important factor in the continuing profitability of the medical insurance arena.

Managing Your MyUHC Account:

Extensive instructions accompany all online services available through United Health Care and unitedhealthcareonline com. The capability to adapt to and make use of online services for patient record-keeping, patient financial arrangements, and patient access requires insurance companies to establish an active online presence and credibility. MyUHC covers these concerns, making insurance quotes and coverage availability known to consumers to enable them to shop online for insurance coverage and acceptable policy terms while taking advantage of the convenience of the online marketplace.

United Healthcare continues to be a leader among insurance companies with their offerings of thorough insurance coverage, affordable insurance, and reasonable policy terms. Once you arrive to the MyUHC.com site you will see a box on the upper left of the page where you can choose to login if you are already an established memeber with an online account, simply fill in your username adn password adn click Login. If you are a new user to MyUHC com click the Register Now button below the login box and fill out the necessary information.

Once you have established your MyUHC.com account there are many options patients have:

– Login/Access for your individual account
– Online Payment Options
– The ability to register/create your account
– View statements/records
– Reactivate/Add credit

Recent News

In June of 2016 United Health Care announced it will begin reimbursing kidney donors’ travel expenses. UHC teamed up with Optum, a company that helps manage medical services to provide this new service. Donors do not need to be enrolled with a UHC.com health plan and the service is said to expand the amount of living donors exponentially.

Company Contact

Customer Service

Existing UHC policy holders should check their company-issued insurance cards to locate their group numbers and appropriate phone contacts prior to calling.

Mailing Address
P.O. 29675
Hot Springs, AR. 71903

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Login Issues

If you forgot your MyUHC.com login, please see Username Recovery 
If you forgot your MyUHC.com password, please see Reset Your Password 


Note: We are not affiliated with MyUHC.com, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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